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A 100% glow-in-the-dark bar counter surface and sink.

Draw live with any light source : portable phone, light torch, UV or laser pointer. You can also flash a gray scale image from a phone screen, video projector, or an overhead projector transparency film. It also reacts to hot water.
Holobar will glow entirely when you switch of the room’s light.
Holobar itself is a 100% off-line product. Needs no electricity.

Designed by Chienpo in collaboration with Vogueur factory, with the precious help of Eliott de Marciac.
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Materials : polyester resin and phosphorescent pigments.
Entire mold size : 165 x 60cm.
Custom cut to your kitchen size.

Price depends on the lenght. You can order the sink + worktop surface, or the worktop part only (only a flat surface to make a simple table for exemple)

Exemple of prices :
100 cm worktop (flat surface only) : 450 euros
Sink + 115cm worktop (full piece) : 700 euros
Please ask for custom pricing depending on your project.

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