Miniscreens pack beta version !! Solar system premiere!!
1 mini screen with the design you will choose prepared for you
*mesh 50 best for a thicker layer : on textile, wood, skin…
1  ink pot (to print about 50-100 times). Ask neon pink or blue in your order.
*water based ink, dries naturally on paper, skin, wood. Heat with an iron or drier to plastify and fix permently on textile.
1 credit card-squeege
+ and special for the occasion : one random mini-toy from our used oldies toys collection (other than the purple one in the picture ).


A) Choose from one of the Cosmodule graphix. (designs below, ask in comment in your order)
B) Or send us your file so we can prepare your own screen to print as many t-shirts, merch ans tattoos as you want.




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A) Choose from one of the Cosmodule graphix bellow.
B) Follow the technical specs bellow to prepare your graphic file and send it back to us when you get our e-mail’s order confirmation.




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