Idoine & Camille Laurelli


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Magazine – 2020
Format: 102 × 232 mm
Pages: 88
Cover: 3 different colors, blue, white or black (random)
Bonus : Stickers, screen-printed golden pass (random/only 70 available)
Languages: Français/English


Camille Laurelli never stops. He moves in circles, twists and turns. Starting a discussion with him is like falling into a whirlpool from which, logically, you must emerge, enriched with a thousand new facts, but without knowing when or how you will find the way out.
His way of thinking is playful and convoluted, his practice is linked to artists and activists and for the last two years he has collaborated with the world of video games with LVLup! – a video game museum, games room, art work, workshop, centre for artists’ residencies and exhibition space based in Tallinn, Estonia.


Idoine official page


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